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Is your child a struggling reader? Is your family at a loss for how to help your child?
Even children with 20-20 eyesight may have learning-related visual challenges. Eye Can Too! Read, a new e-Book series, helps parents identify whether learning-related visual deficits or delays may contribute to a child’s learning challenges. The series offers graded Pre-K through 8th Grade activities to build learning-related visual skills. Every child can become a quicker, more efficient reader!

First book in the series…the Purple Book

Eye Can Too! Read Purple Book

 Eye Can Too! Read…Better & Faster, Without Losing My Place or Skipping Lines (Learning Activites, Games and Worksheets to Strengthen Eye Movement Skills)
By Lesley Barker
Published by Home School, Inc.; 106 pages



Excerpted from the Table of Contents…

School Is Just Too Hard for Me
5 Learning-Related Visual Skills
The Connection Between Success in Home-School and a Child’s Eye Movements
How the Eye Muscles Work to Move the Eyes
Games to Improve a Student’s Eye Movements
Activities that Improve a Student’s Eye Movement Skills while also Working on Reading, Literacy and Language Arts Objectives
Activities that Improve a Student’s Eye Movement Skills while Working on Math Objectives
Charts Found in the Worksheets and Games


Second book in the series…the Yellow Book

Eye Can Too Yellow

Eye Can Too! Read…Better & Faster, Without Making Reversals or Getting Confused (Learning Activities, Games and Worksheets to Improve the Visual Spatial Skills of Laterality and Directionality, Crossing the Midline, and Left and Right Coordination)
By Lesley Barker
Published by Home School, Inc.; 111 pages



Excerpted from the Table of Contents…

The Visual-Spatial Skills of Laterality and Directionality
How to Use This Book in Your Home School
Activities that Cross the Midline
Laterality Activities to Distinguish Left from Right
Activities that Rely on Directionality - Recognition
Activities that Rely on Directionality - Mental Manipulations & Rotations
Charts, Game Pieces and Worksheets used in the Activities


Third book in the series…the Green Book

Eye Can Too! GreenEye Can Too! Read…Better, Faster & More Efficiently by Improving My Visual Perceptual Skills (Learning Activities, Games and Worksheets to Improve Visual Attention and Visual Processing Skills)
By Lesley Barker
Published By Home School, Inc.; 118 pages



Excerpted from the Table of Contents…

About Visual Attention
Activities to Build Visual Attention
About Visual Discrimination
Activities to Build Visual Discrimination
About Visual Form Constancy
Activities to Build Visual Form Constancy
About Visual Figure Ground
Activities to Build Visual Figure Ground
About Visual Closure
Activities that Build Visual Closure
About Visual Memory
Activities to Build Visual Memory
About Visual Sequential Memory
Activities to Build Visual Sequential Memory
Charts, Games and Worksheets used in the Activities

Lesley Barker, vision therapist, educator and 17-year veteran homeschooler, knows first-hand how children with learning-related visual challenges can struggle. When she was homeschooling, two of her own children had struggles due to learning-related visual issues. One child could have been assisted with vision therapy had the family known, in a timely way, how to identify the problem. The second child was assisted through a program of vision therapy.

In this creative and carefully prepared resource, Lesley helps families understand how visual skills and learning are related, how visual skills can be strengthened and improved at home, and where and when to turn for professional help.

Each book in this three-book series features a wealth of graded Pre-K through 8th Grade activities to introduce students and their families to learning-related visual skills and help them build and strengthen their skills. Parents can incorporate these activities into their own curriculum and into daily life. For students who have deficits or delays in one or more learning-related visual skill, the activities will help to identify and begin to address these deficits while simultaneously helping students achieve academic objectives. Reading and learning will become more efficient, accurate, comfortable and fun…for every student!

Each e-Book in the Eye Can Too! Read series is uniquely designed for homeschool families and features:

  • Specific activities for your core curriculum lessons/hours. Simultaneously, your children involve and improve their learning-related visual skills in specific ways.
  • Explanations of the visual skills related to learning - helping parents identify whether visual skill deficits or delays are perhaps at the root, or contributors, to a child’s learning challenges.
  • Specific tips on how to observe your students’ performance while they do these activities.
  • Suggestions for what to do when parents observe certain behaviors.
  • Information for parents about professionals whose assistance may be indicated should the difficulties they suspect in their children be based on how they approach these learning-related visual activities.

What Homeschool Parents are Saying about this e-Book:
“I am very thankful God placed you (and your series) in my family’s life at this time. I was considering having my son’s eyes checked, but I was dragging my feet about it. After seeing how difficult the skewer/straw test was for him (the Purple Book), it really got me motivated to make the appointment. I wouldn’t have known where to look for a behavioral optometrist, so I’m glad you included the OEP website which has the database of eye doctors. It’s hard to believe that my son saw two different eye doctors and passed his pediatric eye exams without anyone knowing he had a problem! Crazy!” - Andrea LeRoy from Illinois

“Lesley brings something truly special to this project. In addition to her experience, she introduces very creative and enjoyable exercises, and if the child likes the exercises this really helps in making vision therapy a fun part of learning time. Her activities are very creative, from a learning point of view, and even a person who does not know much about vision could ascertain that the eyes need to move properly in order to do these games. Also, these games hold a child’s interest. I can tell you are an educator, with these activities.”  - Anne-Marie Jordan from Georgia

e-Book (PDF download): $19.95 (USD) per title; $53.85 when purchased as a complete set.

How To Order:

You may order the Eye Can Too! Read books via phone at 1-800-760-7015, extension 502, or via email: denise.kowalski@home-school-inc.com.  We accept all major credit cards or payment via check or money order drawn on any US bank.