About Us

Home School, Inc. was created by homeschooling parents, and friends of homeschooling, to enable you to homeschool in the manner that most suits you. We are fully committed to expanding home-based education across the country and want to provide families with valuable tools and access to information so they may experience the wonderful joys of homeschooling.

We want families to:

Be Supported…
Be Encouraged…
Be Helped…

Our service rests on three pillars of support for the homeschooling parent:

1. Plan/Educate/Record (PER) is the first module. If staying organized and keeping good records has been a challenge for you that detracts from the time and energy you have to give to teaching, we want to help. PER is a free comprehensive planning, recording and storage application that is delivered securely via the internet — you will no longer need to labor over paper schedule books or worry about losing all your information in a computer crash. Better still, because our application is web-based, a parent who works outside the home or is traveling can still be an integral part of their child’s education. One of the many features of PER allows a parent in the office or on the road to communicate in real time with the kids back home and lend a hand when they need help. This powerful management tool will also offer a complete set of academic and regulatory reports suitable for your state that you can print with the click of a mouse!

2. Community is the second module. Here you will find online instructional resources, chats, forums and commentary intended to help you make those difficult decisions about curricula, books and movies, and teaching methods that every homeschooler faces. It’s also the place where visitors and user families can connect and interact with others by sharing their stories and personal experiences as homeschoolers. Valuable information about planning for high school or applying to college is also available in Community. 

3. HSI Cares is the final module. This is where our subscribers can help fellow home schoolers less fortunate than themselves and where you can help support the political lobbying and community outreach necessary to protect and expand our home schooling freedoms. Donations may be made in cash or in Gold Stars. (Cash donations will earn Gold Stars.) Resources will be used to provide educational materials for needy home schooling families; to lobby government to protect and expand our freedoms; and to expand home schooling where possible with community outreach.

We will never tell you what to teach, how or when to teach it. We will provide you insights from our staff and your peers that will help guide you as you make the difficult and critical decisions in the education of your children. All the decisions, all the freedom, will remain yours, supported and facilitated by us!